THE Womenability Report

Womenability was founded on the idea that seemingly small actions can have big results. Born out of a conversation between friends on the outskirts of Paris, Womenability is a unique NGO with a simple yet radical mission: to make gender equality a reality in the world’s cities.

Using exploratory walks to gather both qualitative and quantitative data regarding the experiences of women in public space, Womenability traveled to 25 cities across six continents over the course of six months.

This report is the product of this research-action project. It reveals the numerous, and sometimes unexpected, obstacles to the equal access and enjoyment of public spaces by women, from a lack of green spaces, accessible public transportation, and public toilets, to persistent harassment and outright violence.

Building on these experiences and observations, the report offers a series of recommendations and best practices, many developed by women themselves, for creating the gender equal cities of the future.

Womenability believes that it is up to all of us to make this vision a reality.

Our purpose

Womenability is an adventure as crazy as it is necessary, with one simple goal: to make gender equality a reality in the place where more than half of the world’s population lives: cities.

So what do we do? Womenability’s objective is to propose concrete solutions to improve cities via international guidelines for gender equal cities.

We have travelled to 17 countries to collect data using exploratory walks. We have also met with amazing female mayors, NGO leaders and change makers.

We are now developing actions to let people know what the issues are and how to implement solutions

Our solutions to improve your city

Our exploratory tour

Meet the women who are changing their cities

Discover what’s next

Our partners

Have an idea, a comment, or want to take part in the project?

Contact us

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