I. Check point

II. Relive the best moments of the walk

III. What you had to say

V. Let’s meet Malina Edreva, responsible of culture and education of Sofia’s CityHall 

I. Check point


Welcome to Sofia for our fourth exploratory walk.

We really enjoyed discovering this amazing city, with its particular charm, snow-capped mountains and welcoming inhabitants.


We organized this exploratory walk with the Via Civic association, and it was a pleasure to meet such engaged and professional people.

As you may have noticed, in each city we try to experiment with a new way of doing our exploratory walk, in order to gather diverse data for the forum.

We are particularly concerned by the refugees issues facing Europe, so we decided to invite a group of Iraqi, Afghan and Syrian women refugees living in a camp near Sofia to participate in our walk. It was also a way to help them meet Bulgarians and share a common experience.


Around 20 people showed up at 6:00pm, both refugees and Bulgarians, and we walked for around two hours through different areas of Sofia’s city center. We started the walk with some beautiful sun and finished it at night, in order to see the difference between night and day.


Sofia inhabitants mainly feel safe in their streets, perhaps because there are always other people around. Of course there is room for improvement, as you will soon see in our results.

At the end of the walk we had our traditional beer/coffee with all the participants!

Next stop: Zurich.


II. Relive the best moments of the walk



III. What you had to say


IV. Interview with Malina Edevra, responsible of Culture, education and cultural diversity of Sofia CityHall