I. Check point

II. Relive the best moments of the walk

III. Let’s meet Mika, participant of the walk 


I. Check point

3,2,1… let’s do our tenth exploratory walk in Yokohama, the second biggest city in Japan and one of its largest ports.


Our organizational process was slightly different this time. We directly partnered with citizens rather than a NGO. Our process, however, remains the same: first training, then the definition of a route, followed by the walk.


kaori meeting


Kaori defined a route which passed through both « regular » areas and the poorest ones, mainly inhabited by elderly people. Even though we only had a few days to organize the walk, Kaori brought enough people for the walk to be a success and to have significant data.


If we focus on our first feelings, Yokohama and Japan in general is a paradoxical place for gender equality. There is a true feeling of safety in the streets, but female appropriation is far from being equal, similar to business and private environments.

Let’s see in a few weeks what the results will show.


II. Relive the best moments of the walk



III. Let’s meet Mika Hasebe, a walk participant