I. Check point

II. Relive the best moments of the walk

III. Let’s meet Frederico, participant of the walk 

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 I. Check Point

Let’s go out for our second South American walk! We are now in Montevideo, capital of both Uruguay and mate!

Our partner was the Observatorio Contra El Acoso Callejero Uruguay (OCAC); it has been exciting to work with such engaging people committed to human/women rights issues.


As a lot of work had been finished before we arrived, the training was really about finalizing the last details in order to organize a great walk together, and of course to mobilize the maximum number of people.

During our traditional flyer distribution day, we had the chance to meet Victor, an Uruguayan artist who introduced us to various artist doing murals around the city, which is definitely essential to making the city more colorful and enjoyable.


But let’s talk about the walk. We had the chance to do it with a sun as bright as the day was a cold. However, about 10 to 15 people came to the Plaza Matriz, located in the old city of Montevideo. Of course mate had a role to play and a lot of the participants were carrying their thermos of hot water for mate.

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If we focus on primary results, many participants reported than men are adopting quite agressive behaviours in public spaces, and daily agressions are a sad reality for many women. Nonetheless, Montevideo has other advantages, such as a river which provides a space for practicing different sports and hanging out with friends and family. There are also many individuals and public initiatives that make Montevideo even more enjoyable, such as this street artist replacing broken pavements with colourful new ones, which is both beautiful and practical when you  are carrying a stroller.



For our next stop we we will be in New Zealand to interview the Mayor of Wellington, Celia Wade-Brown.

II. Relive the best moments of the walk

III. Let’s meet Frederico, a walk participant