I. Check point

II. Relive the best moments of the walk

III. Let’s meet Alejandra, participant of the walk 

IV.Interview with Gabriela Sosa subsecretary of gender politics for the state of Sante Féa

I. Check point

Let’s explore a new continent, South-America !

For our eighth exploratory walk, we are in Rosario, the third largest city of Argentina after Buenos Aires and Cordoba.

We are relly excited to be here, first because Indeso Mujer, our local partner NGO, has done an amazing work, and because we are official speaker at the 2016 International Forum of Educating Cities. Our project will be part of the iniatives contribing for equal cities.

Speaking about equal cities, we noticed a lot of work need to be achieved in this way in Rosario, where violence against women is really high, and where absorption is still illegal.


Indeso Mujer has gathered four different NGO to organize the #RosarioExploratoryWalk. And despite the rain, the walk went really well, showing the problems faced by women in this city but also the positive aspects. Check the video below to see the walk ! 


We also had the chance to participate at a protesting call Ni Una Menos, a protest against femicides taking place in all the countrywith an average of one death per 30 hours. It has been a deep and powerfull experience for us, giving us again more strenght to fight for gender equality.


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II. Relive the best moments of the walk

III. Let’s meet Alejandra, a participant in the walk

IV. Interview with Gabriela Sosa