Encouraging young girls to skate


During our exploratory walk in Malmö, we discovered an amazing initiative at the Bryggeriet's skate park. In her gigantic skate park, Andrea Andersson Antunes, is opening the doors to girls only every monday evening (6 to 9 pm)! This initiative is to encourage young girls to skate. By providing them a "safe" space, girls feel [...]

Stroller friendly stairs


Have you ever been in front of stairs, and wondering how the hell are you going to get your stroller down? In Malmö, or Sofia, you will never have to ask yourself that kind of questions, because all the stairs are stroller friendly! And its an easy good practice to implement!

Creative public lighting

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Always wished you could hang out in public space, even after sunset? […]

Stroller fixation in Bus


In every bus/tramway in Malmö you can find a lot of spaces for strollers. […]