Icons of Gods to prevent men from urinating on the streets


Tired of you streets smelling like urine? In India they have found the solutions: glue small tiles on the walls/corners that represent pictures of god, because who would want to urinate on the image of a God and bring itself bad Karma? Be aware; some gods are more popular than others ;) Level of implementation [...]

Breast feeding room in Airports

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On our connection in Newark International airport (NYC) we spoted this cool initiative: a pumping and nursing pod. This private space is meant for women to either breastfeed their newborns or pump while in transit. […]

Chalks as a tool to « give the floor” to the population

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"Nice flowers" (Chalk message during our Paris walk, March 2016) Chalks can be useful tools to literally “give the floor” to the population. The short-lived messages it allows to draw can be use during exploratory walks to collect participants’ feelings and experiences (as we did in Paris).   Chalks can be used to [...]

Changing table in men’s bathroom


Changing room are still usely located in the women's bathroom however, during a stop-over at Copenhagen airport we have spotted this good pratice that allows dads to take care of their babies! The generalisation of unisex public toilets  with changing table or "family restroom" (which provide regardless of the gender toilets for adults and for [...]

Stroller friendly stairs


Have you ever been in front of stairs, and wondering how the hell are you going to get your stroller down? In Malmö, or Sofia, you will never have to ask yourself that kind of questions, because all the stairs are stroller friendly! And its an easy good practice to implement!

Creative public lighting

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Always wished you could hang out in public space, even after sunset? […]

Child seat on public bicycles


On a short stop in Hambourg (Germany) we spoted this great good practice! […]

Flowers and colors


During our exploratory walks, a lot of women wish their was more flowers and colours in their city! […]

Stroller fixation in Bus


In every bus/tramway in Malmö you can find a lot of spaces for strollers. […]

Stroller parking


Have you already been in public space and not know where to "park" your stroller? The city of Vienna, has thought of it ;) For every "family" even the city provides a mega "stroller parking" to make sure it is accessible to everyone! Bravo Vienna!