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Teaching girls to fix their bikes

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Biking culture, in some cities, is still mostly dominated by males. So how to encourage more young girls to ride? In the city of Baltimore the BYKE (Baltimore Youth Kinetic Energy) collective is teaching youth how to repair their bicycles and bike safely through empowerment and community building processes. One of the co-founder, Chavi explained [...]

Encouraging young girls to skate


During our exploratory walk in Malmö, we discovered an amazing initiative at the Bryggeriet's skate park. In her gigantic skate park, Andrea Andersson Antunes, is opening the doors to girls only every monday evening (6 to 9 pm)! This initiative is to encourage young girls to skate. By providing them a "safe" space, girls feel [...]

Using dance to promote the right to the city

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While walking on the streets of Kaifeng, one can see around 7pm hundreds of women coming down the streets to rehearse their choregraphy of "square dance". Every neighborhood has its own group. The teacher comes with a "boom box" and plays traditional or modern Chinese songs, and days after day the women repeat their choregraphy. [...]

Integrate gender equality perspective in the approach of all organisations within the municipality. The case of Umeå.


The Umeå Municipality is remarquable in providing equal status for both women and men. First the city recognize that, it is essential to take a gender equality perspective  in its policies and to undertake gender equality work – meaning “ increasing awareness of social gender and questioning and challenging stereotypical gender roles as well as [...]