Empowering women and education men through murals

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The NGO Safe City Pin the Creeps, is at the initiative of the this amazing project mixing digital technology, art and youth participation. The project is divided in 3 steps; "Pin the creeps" using a mobile app Geo-localize where in the city women are being the most harassed. The women report on their phone the [...]

Chalks as a tool to « give the floor” to the population

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"Nice flowers" (Chalk message during our Paris walk, March 2016) Chalks can be useful tools to literally “give the floor” to the population. The short-lived messages it allows to draw can be use during exploratory walks to collect participants’ feelings and experiences (as we did in Paris).   Chalks can be used to [...]

Tracking street harassment for data and help (Harasstracker)

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In February 2016, three activists launched a website called Harasstracker independently from any organization. It is designed to report and map sexual harassment in Beirut, Lebanon. If the concept works, it is to be extended to all of the country. Context Harasstracker was inspired partly by a similar initiative in Egypt, called Harassmap. Description Harasstracker [...]