Women figure used for Green lights


In the capital of New Zealand, when one crosses the street in downtown area, he/she can see a women figure (instead of a men) letting him/her know it is safe to do so. The mayor of Wellington, Celia Wade-Brown, explained to us that they wanted to change the way signalization lights were made in the [...]

Teaching girls to fix their bikes

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Biking culture, in some cities, is still mostly dominated by males. So how to encourage more young girls to ride? In the city of Baltimore the BYKE (Baltimore Youth Kinetic Energy) collective is teaching youth how to repair their bicycles and bike safely through empowerment and community building processes. One of the co-founder, Chavi explained [...]

Fixing broken sidewalks with arts to improve mobility


Severely broken sidewalks are dangerous for anyone walking in the streets. But even more dangerous for women wearing high heels, citizens with reduced mobility and the elderly. And let's not talk about parents moving around their children with strollers! In some context like Montevideo or Rosario, where broken sidewalks are numerous, and where it seems [...]

Walking at night to reclaim the streets

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After reading the amazing book Why Loiter "Women and Risk on Mumbai Streets" by    Shilpa Phadke, Sameera Khan & Shilpa Ranade, (explaining "the exclusions and negotiations that women from different classes and communities encounter in the nation's urban public spaces"), Neha Singh decided to act and take the matter into her hands. She decided [...]

Stickers to fight Manspreading in public transport


In crowded transport systems, especially metro, Manspreading is real problem for commuters, especially women. The term Manspreading refers to men sitting with their legs spread wide apart and taking up space on the seats beside them. In Seoul, South Korea, where over 5 Million people ride the subway every day, Jiyo Hong, a male college [...]

Anti sexual harrassement campaing in NYC subway (multi-languages)


This good practice was spotted in the subway of NYC. It reminds riders that they should not harrass in anyway other riders and that inapropriate sexual behavior is not tolerated in the subway in NYC. It also encourages riders to report any incident. However it is still very theoritical, not really sure how one can [...]

Breast feeding room in Airports

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On our connection in Newark International airport (NYC) we spoted this cool initiative: a pumping and nursing pod. This private space is meant for women to either breastfeed their newborns or pump while in transit. […]

Tracking street harassment for data and help (Harasstracker)

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In February 2016, three activists launched a website called Harasstracker independently from any organization. It is designed to report and map sexual harassment in Beirut, Lebanon. If the concept works, it is to be extended to all of the country. Context Harasstracker was inspired partly by a similar initiative in Egypt, called Harassmap. Description Harasstracker [...]

Stroller friendly stairs


Have you ever been in front of stairs, and wondering how the hell are you going to get your stroller down? In Malmö, or Sofia, you will never have to ask yourself that kind of questions, because all the stairs are stroller friendly! And its an easy good practice to implement!

Child seat on public bicycles


On a short stop in Hambourg (Germany) we spoted this great good practice! […]