Integrate gender equality perspective in the approach of all organisations within the municipality. The case of Umeå.


The Umeå Municipality is remarquable in providing equal status for both women and men. First the city recognize that, it is essential to take a gender equality perspective  in its policies and to undertake gender equality work – meaning “ increasing awareness of social gender and questioning and challenging stereotypical gender roles as well as [...]

Tracking street harassment for data and help (Harasstracker)

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In February 2016, three activists launched a website called Harasstracker independently from any organization. It is designed to report and map sexual harassment in Beirut, Lebanon. If the concept works, it is to be extended to all of the country. Context Harasstracker was inspired partly by a similar initiative in Egypt, called Harassmap. Description Harasstracker [...]

National campaign against sexual harassment and violence in public transport

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On November 9th, 2015 the French State Secretariat for Women's rights and the one for transportation launched the first ever national campaign against sexual harassment and violence in public transportation in Paris, and a dozen of others partners cities. Context This action is part of the "National plan against sexual harassment and violence in public [...]