Project Description

In the capital of New Zealand, when one crosses the street in downtown area, he/she can see a women figure (instead of a men) letting him/her know it is safe to do so. The mayor of Wellington, Celia Wade-Brown, explained to us that they wanted to change the way signalization lights were made in the city. Why would it be only male figure represented? Why not women? And why not choose a figure that can represent the empowerment movement of women of New Zealand!? In fact, the figure you see in the street light, is not anonymous. It is the silhouette of one of the most famous suffragette of New Zealand; Kate Shepard !
The next step the city was to add the silhouette of New Zealand’s famous and popular transsexual figure : Carmen Rupe.

Wellington is not the only city that has taken matter into their hands when it comes to gender parity in street lights! The city of Vienna has been quite into it!