Project Description

After reading the amazing book Why Loiter « Women and Risk on Mumbai Streets » by    Shilpa Phadke, Sameera Khan & Shilpa Ranade, (explaining « the exclusions and negotiations that women from different classes and communities encounter in the nation’s urban public spaces »), Neha Singh decided to act and take the matter into her hands.

She decided to create the movement Why Loiter.

The principle is simple, a group of women walk the streets of Mumbai at night. It can seem « normal » for many women to do, but in Mumbai this is an act of feminism and resistance. It is very rare to see women after dark in the city of Mumbai, and even more rare to see women WALKING at night! The goal of the walks is raise awareness and reclaim their right to the city. During their walks they are always harassed by rickshaw drivers, passerby and also by the Police who often reproach them to be out at this time, without the company of a men. Their courage and motivation, reminded me of the civil rights movement, when African-American set on the « white » counter of restaurants.