Project Description

Severely broken sidewalks are dangerous for anyone walking in the streets. But even more dangerous for women wearing high heels, citizens with reduced mobility and the elderly. And let’s not talk about parents moving around their children with strollers!

In some context like Montevideo or Rosario, where broken sidewalks are numerous, and where it seems that it is not a priority for the municipality, artists and communities are taking the matter into their own hands!

The solution is simple, repair the sidewalk with your « home made mosaics ». In the case of Montevideo, it is a 50 years old secret artist that has re-paved the streets in various neighborhood of the city…

But in Rosario, it is a collective of artists called the Compartiendo Capital , tired to to endure the bad sidewalks conditions in their city, that have started their own project called the  Anda Project . The collective chose the different motifs with the community and then create them in collaboration with the children.

You can even fin their tutorial on how to creat them :

Casa Melina Torres – Rosario

Level of action : NGO, Collectiv or Individuals

Goal : improve pedestrians mobility

Budget : 50 euros