Project Description

The NGO Safe City Pin the Creeps, is at the initiative of the this amazing project mixing digital technology, art and youth participation.

The project is divided in 3 steps;

  1. « Pin the creeps » using a mobile app Geo-localize where in the city women are being the most harassed. The women report on their phone the kind of street harassment they have experienced and where exactly in the city.
  2. The NGO works with a group a women to find the appropriate message to write on the mural.
  3. The volunteers paint their message on a wall in the location where harassment has been experienced

Examples of messages written:

>Reminding men that it is forbidden by the law to take pictures of women without their approval

>Empowering women with strong messages blaming men for street harassment and helping women to voice their discontent


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« In a Delhi slum where men frequently intimidated women, Safecity organized an art workshop for girls. They painted a mural with staring eyes and a message: ‘Look with your hearts and not with your eyes.’ »

Source : CityScope

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