Project Description

« Nice flowers » (Chalk message during our Paris walk, March 2016)

Chalks can be useful tools to literally “give the floor” to the population. The short-lived messages it allows to draw can be use during exploratory walks to collect participants’ feelings and experiences (as we did in Paris).


Chalks can be used to seek awareness toward special causes.

  • There are many “Chalks festival” around the world organised in cities in order to promotes appreciation of the arts and creates playful moments especially for the Youngers.


  • During the last International Anti-Street Harassment Week (2016) Stop Harcellement de Rue held a “Chalk Walk” in different French cities as a mean to raise awareness on the issue and changes mentalities.  During the walk passers-by were invited to write-back messages to harassers and to say #EnoughIsEnough!

Chalk Walk, Paris, April 2016