Project Description

On our connection in Newark International airport (NYC) we spoted this cool initiative: a pumping and nursing pod. This private space is meant for women to either breastfeed their newborns or pump while in transit. In an article in the New York Times the creater of this unique public equipement explains that « â€œAirports can be stressful environments and are busy, and we want to give moms a clean and comfortable area where they can pump or nurse,” said Ashley Orgain, Seventh Generation’s manager of mission advocacy and outreach. »

This good practice can aslo be intrepreted as a bad practice (just like the women only tramway wagons) perpetuating the ideat that women should not be breastfeeding in public space but only in the private sphere.

If you ever used them or have a stand on this equipement, please feel free to share your view with us!