Project Description

This good practice was spotted in the subway of NYC. It reminds riders that they should not harrass in anyway other riders and that inapropriate sexual behavior is not tolerated in the subway in NYC. It also encourages riders to report any incident. However it is still very theoritical, not really sure how one can report a specific person to the MTA and that actions can really be taken up on them.

You can read:

 A crowded train is no excuse for unwanted sexual contact or behavior. MTA riders have the right to communte without someone harrassing or touching them in a sexual manner. By reporting an incident, riders are letting violators know that their behavior is inappropriate. 

Report it to an MTA employee, police officer or on

Stay safe.

It is then translated in Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Russian and Creole. Which is a great initiative due to the fact that so many people come from different countries in large metropolis such as NYC.